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The members of the PURE GOLD BAND hope you enjoy our site. It has many places to see, so don't miss any. Our fans are what made Pure Gold, and we love you! To the people who have stuck with us, all we can say is THANK YOU for believing in us and being our friends. We will always be there for you. Be sure to check out our photos on PhotoBucket.

PURE GOLD BAND was started by Clyde Terry and Randy Lucas during the summer of 1979. Even though we lost Randy, the band goes on with Clyde Terry, Bob Jones, Jeff Frazier, Bill Burton, and Kent Sutton. Come and be part of PURE GOLD. It's a living, breathing, peoples' band.

We have people viewing our site from many countries, including Canada, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, China, Romannia, Singapore, Seychelles, Poland, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Russian Federation, Austria, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Slovenia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Many of our friends in the US Military visit too. A special note to our friends in the military who are serving overseas: if you guys and girls need anything, e-mail us so we can try to help. We are so proud of you and will always be here for you.


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